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Hey Wes! Just finished Learn Redux after already taking basically all of your other courses. They are absolutely blowing my mind every time! So thank you for that :)

I noticed you used Gulp with Browserify in the React for Beginners course and now Webpack in the Redux one. So I'm curious:

  1. What is your take on the pros/cons of Gulp/Browserify vs Webpack given that many people might already use Gulp or even Grunt?

  2. Is it worth switching to Webpack completely or just in specific cases?

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Hey Wes, thank you for the detailed answer! I guess I'll just keep using Gulp for now and check out Webpack in a side project to get my head around the differences.

Right now I just have to get hot reloading working with Gulp/Browserify cause the constant full page reload when changing one single thing is bugging me. But that should be possible to achieve.

Thanks again and rock on!