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You're an advocate for automated visual testing Angie and I see that this new approach, as opposed to manual testing, automates the process of detecting and reviewing visual UI changes with visual evidence that our application looks and behaves as we intend it too.

Why do you think I should consider this approach and how do you think the developer ecosystem is embracing it.

In general, how can I get started and what resources can you recommend, please?

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Senior Developer Advocate

Visual testing is AMAZING! Traditional testing tools work with the DOM to determine the state of the application. But just because something exists in the DOM doesn't mean it is presented correctly on the screen. It could be covered by another element, it could be bleeding off the edge of the page, it could be the same color of the page!

Visual testing helps us better test our applications by testing the screen, which is what our users see and interact with.

Developers are really wowed by how visual testing helps them remove their blind spots

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