Is preferring to hire minorities discriminatory?

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I like the option "favour a little" even though it doesn't mention how much is too much. IMHO, "a little" should be only a tiebreaker. If you have candidates of the same or very similar qualifications. Then I'd favour minorities. But for the most part, talent and attitude trump all.

The only quotas I'd try to have is at the start of the hiring funnel. So I'd give equal chances for all candidates but never a guarantee of equal representation of the hired.


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It was intended as "minorities with equal qualifications have a lower chance due to subconscious biasses, so give them a little advantage to offset that, making everyone come out equal in the end". But you can interpret it in other ways if you wish :)

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Maybe because I come from a minority I didn't feel that while hiring. But If we use it as a tiebreaker on bases of equal qualification then I do agree with that.