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Jeffrey Way is the owner of Laracasts.com and is an influential voice in the web development community. He is a co-host on the official Laravel podcast, has written a number of successful books, built popular packages, contributed to many open-source projects, spoken at every Laracon conference, been a guest on countless podcasts (including PHP Town Hall, Shop Talk, No Capes, and Full Stack Radio), and has contributed to the largest web development magazines in the world.

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Why am I so much better than you at Rocket League? 😇

You're not. If we consider the way things are going, the reality is that I've been the better player for weeks now. Yes...a month or two ago, when I was still learning, you won a number of games. I commend you for that. But that was the past, and I'm the type of guy who looks at the most recent games.

Like I explained to you on Telegram, even when you do manage a win, it's typically due to cheap scores that could happen to anyone. When I score, on the other hand, I'm leveraging complex decision making skills that you're simply not capable of replicating.

But honestly man, I don't want to take anything away from you. You're an excellent little player. But there's a new sheriff in town.


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Hi Jeff,

I love your videos and you are my guru for laravel and vuejs, thanks for that.

Few questions, hope you won't mind..

  1. What software and hardware tools you use while recording for laracast videos and podcasts ?
  2. How long it took for you to be in this position after your professional education?
  3. How many hours you worked per day/week when you at startup and after success of Laracast?
  4. What is your worst failure(s) in your career, after education?
  5. Are you simultaneously recording the video and audio for Laracast?
  1. I use a Rode NTG-2 mic, Screenflow for recording/editing, and Auphonic.com for podcast audio processing. The latter is used for all Laravel Podcast and Laracasts Snippet episodes.

  2. http://www.laravelpodcast.com

  3. http://laracasts.audio

  4. I dropped out of college in my second year. Not to discredit those who got a lot out of their experience, but it wasn't right for me. Leaving was the best decision I could have made. I've been coding for 11-12 years at this point, but, even after all that time, I'm very aware of how little I actually know about programming.

  5. I do about a 8-10 hour day Monday-Friday. On the weekend, I'll also try to sneak in an hour or two. This really helps me manage the rest of my week. Otherwise, emails pile up and I get overwhelmed.

  6. Nothing specific is coming to my mind at the moment. Rather than any huge colossal failure, I've made countless little embarrassing mistakes. Accidentally auto-sending a user fifty duplicate emails...stuff like that.

  7. Yes. I would never recommend doing them separate.

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Hey Jeff, I'm curious to know in your opinion what's the single most important book that a software engineer should read? Thank you!

I've honestly benefited far more from studying open source projects. When I was younger, I rarely did this. Not sure why. Maybe I was scared of being overwhelmed by the complexity.

But, seriously, if you want to be a better developer, there's no short cut. Write and read a lot of code.

If I had to pick one book, though, it might be "Clean Code."

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What motivated you to start Laracasts? How did you get initial subscribers and traction?

Before Laracasts, I was in charge of the web development branch of an education site, Tuts+ (you might remember a site called Nettuts+). Around 2013, I had been with the company for a number of years - and was ready for a change. It's not good to stay in one place for too long - especially if you notice that you're no longer learning anything new.

I launched Laracasts because:

  1. I was certain that Laravel was the next big thing, and wanted to help push it.
  2. I wanted to be the sole decision maker for a product, for better or worse. It's not fun debating a team of people for weeks, every time you want to make a change to your site.

Because I spent so many years building up Nettuts+, I was lucky enough to have built up a sizable number of Twitter followers/friends. As a result, Laracasts became profitable on day one.

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Hello, Jeffrey Way) Many people think that huge projects can't be well developed with php and developers should use java, asp.net, bla,bla... instead. What is your personal opinion about that?

My opinion is you should ignore any person who would suggest such a thing.

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