Show me cool, obscure languages!

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I would be going for ponylang

as you easily can spot it's an actor based language. I am following this language for quite a bit now. Actors are a concept I really do enjoy and they built a language around it :D ....

use "collections"

actor Counter
  var _count: U32

  new create() =>
    _count = 0

  be increment() =>
    _count = _count + 1

  be get_and_reset(main: Main) =>
    _count = 0

actor Main
  var _env: Env

  new create(env: Env) =>
    _env = env

    var count: U32 = try env.args(1)?.u32()? else 10 end
    var counter = Counter

    for i in Range[U32](0, count) do


  be display(result: U32) =>
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Personally I looked into Pony a bit, but thought it was close enough to a mix of Rust and Erlang that I could skip it. It's still one of the more original recent languages though (impractical ones aside).

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Mark yes on a theoretical level I agree although erlang is not a pure actor model since it has types which are not actors. But I learned that to truly understand something one has to leave the meta level and gets his hands dirty ... I think theory is important but I like to test my theories against reality :).