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Does accessibility only apply to web development? How can I apply it to android development?

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No, it doesnโ€™t. It applies to all areas of human interaction, not just software. In the area of software accessibility however, all mainstream platforms/operating systems have a built-in accessibility framework as well as primitives for building accessible software. We can take advantage of this. To learn more about android accessibility, start here:

A quick google search for โ€œ[platform or OS] accessibility frameworkโ€ should get you relevant resources on your preferred target.

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No! Accessibility does not just apply to web development! It applies to everything we build. For all builders, I recommend understanding the core principles of accessibility so that you have a solid understanding of the theory behind what makes something accessible to the most people possible.

Core principles like colour contrast, semantic labelling/guiding text (content descriptions), motion considerations, media accessibility (captioned videos, etc) apply to all platforms.

Specific to Android dev, a good starter resource is Android's accessibility page.

Questions specifically I'd ask for Android and touch apps in general

  • How is this being presented to a screenreader user?
  • How precise are the touch movements I'm asking the user to make (especially for folks with limited mobility)?
  • How much animation and motion am I using? How can I start with no motion so that the message is still conveyed if someone has reduced motion settings turned on?