Vanilla JavaScript vs. Frameworks & Libraries — Finding a good balance


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Where did you find your header image? :-) Somewhere where I can find a bunch of those? I like this art.

Thanks. But what a pity for me hehe :-)

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That's some nice, much needed article! Thanks for your time to write it up.

I believe in re-using code, and thus, less LoC. In fact, for the same autocomplete solution, year ago, I took some plugin, stripped all unwanted stuff and made it much better and faster, also to suit my needs. But again, starting from scratch would have set me back by another couple of weeks and going by that route, I actually saved those 2 weeks.

But as a matter of fact, while stripping down the code, I get to learn a lot of new ways to use Vanilla JS and that was a big deal, and that opened up my eyes. Now, whenever I stuck with little hurdles, I try to solve them myself before I start looking for 2rd party plugins. And this for me, is great!

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Two words ... cruel true. This article was very interesting to read, I agree with most of things you said, from the perspective of somebody who has that problem.

Great article, thanks a lot.

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The explosion in JS frameworks over the past few years actually makes me feel a bit sad. I see more job adverts that require developers know all sorts of random skills (I saw one the other day that listed 42 separate skills). In spite of this, I see a great lack of websites that actually use any of this tech. The sites I have found using it have all been appalling in terms of optimisation, accessibility, and progressive enhancement, and I have to wonder if 'vanilla' developers are losing out to developers who use all of these new frameworks to produce more bloated, slower, less accessible sites for their clients.

That's true and very sad indeed. In addition to that, I see big frameworks being used as application-arguments by developers themselves, which leads to new developers falling into the trap of thinking they have to learn those frameworks in order to become professionals. This might be called an "Inconvenient Truth" for what is happening with web dev right now. Let's hope it's just a short trend and people start becoming sane soon :)

By the way, I don't think that frameworks and libs are all bad. However, I think, they are often misused and over-hyped.

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This is the First long article, I read top to bottom in one go in my lifetime, very clear and helpful, Marco you are really great....


That thing is quite long (in retroperspective), so: well done reading it in one go; good job! I really hope that my advice is of help to you :)

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