We are the devs from Team Netlify, Ask us anything!

Started on June 6, 2019 6:00 PM

Hey there, we're the team from Netlify and we're hosting an AMA!

We'll be answering your questions live from June 6, 2 PM EST onwards. We're so excited to chat with you!

Topics we'll cover include:

  • Netlify
  • JAMstack
  • Developer Experience
  • Static sites
  • Vue
  • React
  • General Career Questions

Shoot us your questions below! 👇



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Hi guys, Just wanna say thank you for the awesomeness for Netlify. Thanks :). Big Hug

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Hey team, I’ll take this one. (I’m always ready to take the hugs!)

But echoing Jessica’s comment, it really does make a huge difference to talk to people who use and enjoy the the platform. So thanks for you enthusiasm. It’s wonderful to have the chance to y’all to people who find Netlify useful!

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There is a growing concern in the community to use reduce the carbon impact of the tech industry. Choosing a data centre powered by renewable energy to host our websites/apps is an easy way to reduce our carbon impact, at least a little.

Google Cloud has a 100% carbon offset (cloud.google.com/renewable-energy) and AWS has 5 regions which are powered by renewable energy.

I couldn't find any information on netlify.com regarding where/how the netlify servers are powered, do you have any information about it? It'd be really amazing to have a breakdown on the carbon consumption of a netlify project! (see thegreenwebfoundation.org/news/trying-an-id..)

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This is really important to me. I'm currently looking to move all sites I'm responsible for to carbon-neutral (ideally directly renewable-powered) infrastructure.

Obviously speed, efficiency, and cache proximity to the user are super-important factors as Phil outlined above, so any research Netlify can produce on the impact of this on power efficiency would be incredibly useful.

In the meantime, it would be really helpful if an estimate could be made available of approximately how much of Netlify's resources are provided by which providers, so that the energy sources used by those providers can be taken into account. (Or better still, if Netlify wanted to do the maths based on those figures and publish a total carbon estimate as a percentage of total power usage.)

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Hey! Thanks for the AMA. What made you all join Netlify? I understand that Netlify is simple to use and just works. But what was that thing which resonated strongly when you were looking to join them?

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For me, it was a perfect fit. I'd been working at an agency and working with some pretty complex and restrictive infrastructure stacks with very large clients, and had become increasingly convinced that hosting sites statically could be a real advantage. After 2 or 3 years of talking about that at conferences, I found myself mentioning Bitballon (which would later become Netlify), amongst other services, a lot.

As Netlify grew, the number of tools and the apparent elegance and power of the platform really made it invaluable for me, and I also got to know the team. I became a fan of the product, and of the people.

In the end, it became really clear to me that I was really well aligned with the vision and mission of the Netlify team. And the clincher for me was in discovering what a healthy and diverse culture Netlify seemed to have built and valued. It made it a very desirable company to want to join and I feel rather lucky to have been given the opportunity to turm my passion into my day job.

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Hey Folks, Thanks for the AMA 🙏

I was curious to know how you folks pick up a new skill, Can you go into the details of your learning process.

This is a great question! Picking up new skills is so important for developers because the landscape shifts so quickly. A while back, a lot of people asked me this question so I wrote an article about it: css-tricks.com/learning-to-learn

The tl;dr is:

  • try to identify holes in your knowledge- this can include looking through course structure online, or looking at API docs, etc
  • then write down and schedule all of those pieces so that you can devote some time to it, and mark things off little by little
  • I make sure I'm practicing the new things I'm learning- if I have to learn it for a job, great! That's baked in to the process, but if I'm just trying to level up, I might make a side project so I learn it.
  • Making something I enjoy really helps me learn because I'm more incentivized to do it
  • I also pay attention to how I'm learning, that I'm doing what works for me

Hope that helps!

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You all are prolific devs!

What are your secrets to shipping all the wonderful things?

(Productivity hacks? Magic spells? Time machines?)

Whats the secret?!?!

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Ha ha. Me too! As a stretch goal.

The other thing to mention is that we have a wonderful team of engineers, designers, documentarians... all working together to ship these features. Those of us on this AMA are often in the position of contributing to that work, but also fortunate to be able share the information about the work of a larger, and really rather gifted team.

(it's a fun part of my job to be sure)

The product team is really well organised and function brilliantly together. And we're in a happy position of being able to release many incremental improvements over time to keep pressing forward.

And we also use a time machine.

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