What are some of the best blogging sites to write coding tutorials?

I have tried Medium and Scotch.io so far for accomplishing this, but Scotch's markdown was horrible and Medium is not exactly suited for code examples. I want something neat.

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Have you tried Hashnode Stories? The editor is capable of handling code examples using the markdown code syntax or by adding an embed. There are lot's of code heavy stories on the site, so it's definitely possible to accomplish what you are trying.

Also, if the content you create is interesting and engaging, which I'm certain of, you can be promoted by the Hashnode team as they share these posts on their twitter account.

If Hashnode Stories doesn't fit your needs, you can submit a feature request and the team will make sure your voice is heard.

Another solution will be to create a personal blog and promote the content by yourself. This can be really time consuming, but on the other hand give you better results if executed properly. You can share your tutorials on websites like reddit, Hacker News, Hashnode, twitter - the list goes on.

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I will give it a shot... Thankyou....

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I like Medium the most. If you need syntax highlighting, you can embed GitHub gists, they are now immediately visible on mobile (before you had to follow a link to see them). If you want interactive frontend demos, you can embed Codesandbox there as well.

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That can be done... I might try out hashnode as well... Actually I already have a few blogs on medium and for the sake of consistency I want to continue writing there..

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Try sitepoint.com. It's a awesome site to learn and teach tutorials on tech stack.

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You may like Ghost. You can choose to pay $5/mo or use open source version if you already have a Node.js server. Ghost was created for the developers to tell about coding.

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Have you tried Dropbox Paper? You can export the file in Markdown when you're done, and then upload it to Wordpress & all

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Markdown.... No No... DraftJS editor state....

I actually got what I wanted, Medium stated supporting code jists. Also, medium has the system of publications which is really cool. I would really appreciate if Hashnode got that too. Hashnode has soo much potential to get into the lime light like medium... It just needs a few changes here and there.

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Medium is pretty much alright. You can use embedded Github snippets (just paste the link on a new line) for better code presentation.

Apart from that, dev.to, hashnode itself and codementor are quite decent.

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I am surprised no-one mentioned Medium. 😳

I read a lot of dev articles there everyday.

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It's in the question itself bruv...