What are some productivity hacks for developers?

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Some of these depend on the person / situation but here goes.

Psychological, Emotional

  • Music or some other way to drown out ambient noise, invest in headphones, you'll be wearing them a lot and maybe for extended periods and they need to be comfy
  • Make sure you know your tools (IDE, Debuggers, etc) and are comfortable with them. It helps a bunch when you at least know what you're doing there.
  • Techniques that let you manage your own time (Pomodoro for example) are great in making sure you don't burn out on an issue or solutions you're trying to tackle.
  • Always keep in mind that people smarter then yourself have gotten stuck on easier things then you're currently on. ;)
  • When in doubt, ask other people, discuss, talk.


  • Make sure you have a good chair / desk, I prefer to have the option to switch between standing / sitting for example.
  • Get away from your desk, walk, stretch, get sunshine.
  • Make sure you have a good keyboard.
  • Try to let go of your mouse as much as possible it might be personal preference or your IDE that lets you use it a bunch but trust me, after 10+ years of working as a Full time Developer you WILL feel pains in your wrists eventually.
  • Exercise outside of work.. when you're sitting for extended periods of time or even alternating between sitting you're still doing something we humans are not meant to do.
  • Make sure you are hydrated.
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techie, community & operations

I am going to frame all the contributions I get on this.

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Ketosis is an epic way, too. I have been doing it for nearly a year and my energy management is so easy now. Without the ups and downs of being hungry and eating then crashing... you can stay sustained for a nice amount of time in the morning through to early afternoon, get loads done and finish early.

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