What are some productivity hacks for developers?

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I would say that the most essential hack you can do is related directly to your work flow. Use an environment that keeps you as far away from your mouse as possible. Using an editor like Vim or Emacs will help, but it is often about more than just your IDE. Constantly switching over to your mouse leads to fatigue...

Using your OS from the command line is the biggest help. Whatever type of development your doing, it is important that you are able to navigate file systems and your tooling fast without making a geospatial image of what your doing. I personally prefer Linux, but there is a learning curve if you're new.

Another thing is to train your focus. Try reading a book on programming (or following a difficult tutorial) and set a minimum time you want to focus on it. You'll build up your ability to stay on task which is also one of the major benefits from saying away from the mouse for most things. The important thing is that you follow through with the time you set to spend on the specific task in one sitting. Focus is what sets 99% of developers away from the top 1%, whether they have an Ivy league degree or are self taught.