What do non-programmers do that annoy you?

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Ok these two are my biggest:

  1. People who say they want to get into programming but they don't want to put forth the effort. I don't know how it is for your area, but I live here in Southern California in the USA and I am around age 30 and there are a lot of guys and gals around this age who are either looking for a career switch or they are trying to be entrepreneurs and they basically act super interested in coding but when it comes time to actually do it and put in work, they disappear.

    This really bothers me because I've wasted hours of my time trying to help people in the past who acted like they wanted to code but actually just liked the idea of coding but not the reality of it... This is not a problem specific to our field... It is very common for people to either want the money or lifestyle associated with some career without wanting to put forth the actual effort... Sentences like "I'd love to be a movie star" couldn't be farther from the truth... A more accurate statement would be "I'd love the lifestyle of a movie star without putting in the steps necessary to get there," etc...

  2. People thinking that someone is either "good with computers" or not. There are parts to this which do hold true - but people forget that computers are a platform and thus just because John is a great malware analyst doesn't mean he's a great DevOps engineer, hardware guy, or even Python programmer for example. People assume that just because I spend night and day coding and reverse engineering and stuff, that suddenly I can solve all of their computer problems, but more importantly, that I can so do easily.

In summary, both of the above points aim at a standard theme which is that laypeople greatly underestimate and underappreciate the actual work/effort required to do things on a computer. I think this is the case because the job is similar to a mechanic but with a car mechanic, the hard work is tangible, visible, and more obvious - there's sweat, dirt, oil, grease, and sometimes injuries involved.

In our line of work, we just look like we're sitting at a box and next thing a person knows that box can now help them file taxes, or use their bank account, or chat with their friends, etc...

PS: I have no idea why this system is saying I have #1 twice but I wrote #2 above and it gets changed to 1 again lol.