What happened to Meteor platform?


For those unaware, Meteor is a full stack JavaScript platform that helps you build realtime apps. It was launched 4/5 years back as far as I remember. So, what went wrong? Why is no one using it today?

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I suppose people don't want another rails-like framework. They want different tools for different jobs (people like using Golang for building web servers)

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I still use it. It was one of the first frameworks I learned in 2016/2017. I like the full stack integration with MongoDB and the interchangeability between Meteor-based packages on Atmosphere and npm as it is based on Node.

It does require a buildpack for deployment on Heroku, which can be found here.

Blaze, the front end templating language, is outdated and does not get a lot of love even from MDG (Ben is right, internal focus shifted to Apollo). However, Meteor with React on the front end basically approximates a MERN stack - even though I can put together all elements of the MERN stack together by myself, sometimes it's still just easier to pull something small together in Meteor, if you are intimately familiar with it.

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Never gained critical mass, I guess. Plus I get the feeling the internal focus shifted to Apollo.