What is the most horrible programming language or technology you have worked with?

I HATE JS. Period. The absence of type system and weird quirks irritate me already. Coming from a Java background I absolutely despise JavaScript primarily because of its poor design. But I have to deliver something real fast and thanks to my boss I have to do it in JS. I hate my life.

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Teddy Carebears's photo

I would say Prolog. I had to do a homework 15-16 years ago and absolutely nothing was available on the Web and the book was totally wrong translated. So I passed about 5 hours to make that program accept some user input.

Muescha's photo

i hate PHP - every similar command comes with different order of parameters, and for methods where you should use paramters there was a new method

PS: i only know the early versions of PHP but still i refuse to use it again

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Having started my career as a JavaScript developer, I start to see your point after learning TypeScript. Types make everything so readable and understandable!

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JavaScript, JavaScript and JavaScript

Jennifer Oro-Oghene Etegbeke's photo

I wouldn't say I've had a horrible programming language because I have not really encountered difficulties. But from others, it's JavaScript.