What would make your day-to-day work easier as a developer?

If you think about the tasks you perform as a developer each day, what should change to make your life better?

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I think whatever makes your day to day life better and more exciting, makes you day to day job as a developer easier too.

But that's not an easy thing to achieve in my opinion and it's directly related to your personality and how you're living your life. Everything else - a new keyboard, a brand new iMac, flowers - is just a distraction, for you to escape from finding that ultimate happiness. I haven't found it yet. Fingers crossed that will find it eventually but until then, I think it'd be loads of puzzles and features and "distractions" that can make my day-to-day life as a developer easier. Oh, this and a Spotify that knows me so good that I don't need to skip any more songs ever again.

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  • Fast laptop computer
  • Fast Internet
  • Tablet and Other devices
  • All my favorite software tools
  • Comfortable chair with pillows
  • Food and Coffee
  • Cute Cardigan cause I get cold
  • A good playlist

What are your favorite software tools?

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GitHub developer tools

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There is a Time Management Plan called 168 Hours Which mean 7 days .. if plan your next 7 days with priority. you will be surprised you have more time then you marked.

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To make my day easier, I'd appreciate:

  1. A great team that I can learn from and debate ideas with. Most of non-working day is devoted to hunting articles to read. If folks on the team share their insights on articles/books, it's a huge bonus.
  2. An fellow engineer on the team that I can rely on for skillsets that I don't posses. For example, I don't like doing frontend development. If I work with a good frontend engineer, it's a huge bonus for me.

Table stake features in my day-to-day life are:

  1. A good laptop that works well.
  2. A reliable and fast internet because npm install sucks the life out of you on a low bandwidth connection. :P

have you tried yarn?

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