What's the worst coding practices you have seen(or done!)?

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I'm a React Native Developer so my answer will be in that context.

  1. Global Variables: I used to define at the very start of my career.
  2. Arrow functions inside render method: For the first 4 months, I think. Then I had to implement a FlatList and optimizing it taught me a lot about rerendering.
  3. Inline CSS: It's a good practice to define a StyleSheet outside the render method because it keeps taking memory on every rerender.
  4. I used to write code with proper indentation and format then I enabled format code each save setting in VS Code and it's so much productive now.
  5. Using for loops: Can't say it's a bad practice but using Array Higher-Order Functions like map and reduce is so much efficient and code is more readable too.
  6. Using recursive functions everywhere: When I first learned Recursive, I started using it everywhere which is bad. If the stack is going to be large then it will take a huge amount of memory and you might run into stack overflow. It's important to know when to iterate and when to use recursion. Yup, that's pretty much it.
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With given use cases, moving to map, reduce, filter etc from for-loops are so much fun to write and relaxing to read! Fully agree with you..

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