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Who among the famous athletes likes to gamble?

Who among the famous athletes likes to gamble?

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·Mar 3, 2022·

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Thanks to modern Internet technologies, gambling gained unprecedented popularity and reached a new level. Getting access to such entertainment can help everyone right from home. The players have to choose correctly here is a Golden Star casino with promo codes to win. Very popular among gambling entertainment uses games related to sports. Not surprising is that the athletes themselves often like to try their luck. What famous athletes play games, and are they lucky?

Paul Merson

Paul-Merson.jpg aul Merson is an English professional footballer whose career began with playing for the Arsenal soccer club. He has now finished his career as a player but continues as a soccer expert and coach. In the old days, Paul Merson was a very wild man. Alcohol, drugs and gambling were present in his life. The first two predilections athlete defeated quickly, but the love of gambling entertainment accompanied him for many years. After leaving soccer as a player, Paul also advertised and one of the bookmaker's offices. Wiki

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd-Mayweather.jpg ayweather is a professional American boxer and simply a global star due to his five dozen fights in which he has never been defeated. One of the main passions of the boxer is gambling, and in particular, betting. There is no exact information, when Mayweather started to bet, though there are rumors that it started at the beginning of his career. Unlike Paul Merson, Floyd is not going to quit betting. Even today, he often shows off his winnings on social media. For example, after betting 6.5 thousand dollars on Lopez, he increased his winnings to 20,000 dollars. According to the boxer himself, he sometimes bets almost every day. Mayweather bets only if he believes:

  • in the team;
  • or a particular athlete.

And he bets not only on boxing, but also on other sports. His Instagram

Charles Barkley

Charles-Barkley.jpg arkley is a prominent American professional basketball player. Once in 2006, during a regular interview, he admitted that he had a gambling addiction that was costing him a lot of money, but he had no intention of quitting. A year later, it was rumored that Barkley managed to win $700,000 by playing blackjack and betting on the Super Bowl. The basketball player is also a frequent visitor to the gambling establishments of Las Vegas. After another visit to the city, he once left $2.5 million there. The athlete himself admits his gambling problems, but he will not stop betting and playing in casinos, arguing that he can afford it. More

Wayne Rooney

Wayne-Rooney.jpg One of the legendary players of English club Manchester United often declares that he regularly makes big bets on roulette. He also enjoys blackjack and online slots. Once Rooney managed to do for two hours bet a total of more than 85 thousand dollars. According to journalists, the footballer spent almost a million dollars for all time spent on bets. His website: