Would you be interested in solving Hashnode sponsored coding challenges every week?





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Would you be interested in solving coding challenges and competing for Hashnode goodies? 🎁

Does this sound fun to you? Let me know your thoughts 😀

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Not really interested in committing to doing anything regularly, but challenges are fun :-)

Sahil Satishkumar's photo

Let the games begin.

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I am all for encouraging new features that Team Hashnode intends to offer us, however...

To be completely honest, I'm not a fan of competitive challenges in friendly communities. It all depends on how you plan to go about it.

I would rather see something like a Workshops section added, which would feature Tutorials w/ Challenges used to review the material learned. Adding an educational slant to the idea of code challenges would give it a much more solid foundation, imo. Then, maybe at that point, random code challenges can lead the user into the workshop it's related to.

That's also something I don't see as much as I'd like to, which encourages collaboration through education.

Either way, I'm always looking forward to the new ideas Hashnode will be presenting to us as it grows and evolves.

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Challenges are a great way to trick yourself into learning new things!

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I voted for yes, But currently just for Blockchain hackathons, contests, challenges...

You know? I'm tired of any other platform, from desktop development to web. But I guess Blockchain has a lot to explore, discover & say WOW for me, as I'm new to the field as well as the field itself ;-)

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formerly known as M

I'm gonna skip all the blockchain ones, we could be a team :-)

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Software Engineer

Loooooool. Lets team up :-)

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Great deal !! so that I can learn new things through challenges...

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I prefer this to be a casual competition, where everyone can learn from any challenge, rather than those provided just for the sake of winning. That's the role of HackerRank, which I don't find very practical in the real work market.

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Sounds great. Really great way of learning new stuffs.