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I am a systems engineer certified as a Google IT Support Professional and I am currently leading a Customer Success team at a SaaS company. Additionally, I am in transition to a Cloud Engineer role. A key factor contributing to my success in Customer Success and Account Management roles has been my ability to meticulously plan, manage, and prioritize account portfolios. I also have experience implementing customer success best practices and motivating clients to adopt new technology or software.

Moreover, I possess excellent communication skills, empathy, patience, and problem-solving abilities, along with a deep understanding of our product and technology. I am continuously learning and developing, and I am currently expanding my expertise in various cloud-related areas.

Currently, I am actively learning the following:

🐧 Linux: I have a strong understanding and experience with the Linux operating system, enabling me to perform administration and configuration tasks effectively.

☁️ AWS: I am working towards obtaining the Amazon Web Services (AWS) SAA-C03 certification to enhance my cloud skills and be able to design, implement, and manage scalable and secure infrastructures.

🐍 Python: I am proficient in the Python programming language and utilize it for automating tasks, developing scripts, and creating custom solutions.

🏗 Terraform: I am familiar with the Terraform tool and its ability to create and manage infrastructure as code, enabling efficient deployment and maintenance of cloud resources.

∞ CI/CD: I have knowledge of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), allowing me to implement automated pipelines to ensure efficient and reliable application and service delivery.

🐳 Docker: I have experience working with Docker, a container platform, to package and distribute applications in a portable and scalable manner.

⚓ Kubernetes: I am in the process of gaining experience with Kubernetes, a container orchestration platform, to efficiently manage and scale applications in production environments.

I am excited to continue learning and developing in the field of cloud computing, and I am committed to applying my technical skills and knowledge in a Cloud Engineer role to drive innovation and business success.

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