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GitLab is an integrated product that unifies issues, code review, CI and CD into a single UI. GitLab Inc. offers self hosted products and SaaS plans for It is an open source project with a large community, over 1700 people worldwide have contributed to GitLab!

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Thanks for all the questions! If you have any more questions, you can always ask us on Twitter: @dzaporozhets @jobvo. We hope to see you in issues!

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Hey, guys, Thanks for the AMA.

GitLab has over 150+ people working remotely. So my question is can you give any tips/advice for working remotely?

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I 100% agree with what Job said in his response. From my side I can add only minor tips:

  1. Push code frequently, write status update in the issue tracker daily etc. It helps your colleagues know what you are working on without any direct communication.
  2. Provide an async way for colleagues to book meetings with you. For example I use "calendly" tool which allows people book events in my calendar on free time.
  3. Measure your results, not time spent. If you are doing very well, reward yourself with some free time.

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Today most open source projects are being hosted on GitHub. What are GitLab's initiative to encourage more developers to use GitLab for their open source projects?

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Talking about the product, I think our biggest advantage here is an integrated product that does more compared to GitHub. For example, powerful CI/CD out of the box. You create the project at and you receive not only code hosting and issue tracker but also CI, container registry, auto deploy etc.

Company wise we are doing our best to help popular open source projects migrate from old systems to GitLab. I hope to see more of them join us in nearest future. This should encourage developers use GitLab for their next open source project.

Also if you use GitLab for your private projects it seems convenient to continue using same platform for open source projects too. I expect us get most of popularity among private projects first. As result it should increase amount of public projects later.

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GitLab started using Vue and how is it working out for you now?

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Our frontend engineers love it. We started with using it only for new features and then slowly replace existing components. Working well so far! :)

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I have to say, the way you fought your downtime with full transparency in February this year was amazing.

So, this is my question for you. Just like how buildings have mock fire drills, do you think programmers should simulate failures?

Let's face it, downtime is bad and no one wants it. That being said, one should be prepared to handle it. A team of engineers can take the test environment down and another team will try to bring it back up. So, when production actually goes down (god forbid), the engineers will be acclimatized to handling it in a nice way.

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That's interesting idea around having 2 teams fighting for test env. I think if your test environment is quite stable you should definitely try that. Otherwise, you probably have it failing on regular basis.

I think we (not only GitLab but any infrastructure team) should definitely practice recovery on regular basis. Somehow we manage to forget about it until someone accidentally does rm -rf in the wrong terminal :)

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You are one of the most transparent companies that I have seen. In your opinion how important is it for companies today to be transparent to their users?

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I think it's important because it benefits both users and the company.

Why transparency is great:

  1. It's appreciated by users.
  2. Users can actually help you. There were cases when technical users gave us valuable advice to help with our problem.
  3. It also appreciated by employees. No hidden processes, no need to ask around to get answer on basic questions about company processes.
  4. It's appreciated by candidates. People know almost everything about company before first interview
  5. When everything is public its simple to keep in mind what information is not.

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