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Yarn is a package manager for your code. It allows you to use and share code with other developers from around the world. Yarn does this quickly, securely, and reliably so you don’t ever have to worry.

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Why should I use Yarn instead of NPM?

The main selling point on smaller projects is that Yarn is much faster than npm. For larger projects we outlined why we built Yarn here:

A lot of other things like added security and determinism aren't something people think about every day but because Yarn uses a lockfile and installs are reproducible, you'll never run into "works on my machine" problems again. Every install of a project will produce the same dependencies.

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The fact that Yarn is built by brilliant heads from giant companies is enough to make us look into it, but how does yarn tackle security issues while loading dependencies. "npm allows scripts to run while installing dependencies".How does Yarn Solve that ?

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First of all, congratulations, team. Yarn's performance boost alone worths everything.

But before starting develop yarn, did you talk with npm's team about opensourcing/work with the npm and inprove it?

(my personal opinion) Reviewing large Open Source pull requests is very hard because you have to preserve backwards compatibility and make sure you don't break the world.

For a project like npm CLI the cost of changes is high and it would take us too long to communicate to get the ideas and code landed into the project.

We had our goals - performance, determinism and security considerations and the most efficient way would be to write a new tool from scratch.

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Inspired by the question from @kiknag ... Who should not use Yarn because of the difference between Yarn and npm?

Everyone should use Yarn

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Why is Yarn called Micro Secure?

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