Hatters are gonna hate. But there is a huge demand for CSS front end frameworks today. I want to know which front end framework do you use or support and why?

BTW, I prefer Foundation myself.

Zurb Foundation






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Although I personally prefer Foundation, they both have their benefits. Foundation is great for designers/developers as the default styles are very easy to override. Bootstrap is great for developers who don't mind the predefined styles - making it great for rapid prototyping but not so great for custom designs.

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I prefer Foundation framework for various reasons. Here are some of them — 

  • Less HTML bloating.
  • CSS Components come with minimal CSS.
  • Global Foundation script.
  • Some very useful JavaScript components like Equalizer, Joyride, Range sliders, Abide validations, etc.
  • Unique top bar with features like Sticky, Contain-to-grid and Clickable top bar.
  • Interchange, one of the most useful JavaScript features that lets you interchange images based on device type.
  • Finally, good support for Sass.

Awesome Tracy! More great stuff to come. Here's what we've brainstormed with the community: trello.com/b/QBPKlQqf/foundation-sites

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I liked the answer by @tracy_mills91. She has pointed out some really important points. I am adding my own personal experiences of using Foundation framework —

  • Foundation gives FastClick.js out of the box. I was initially unaware of this library.
  • Off canvas! One of the best components that's missing in Bootstrap. Foundation provides various different variants of Off canvas.
  • Creating forms in Foundation is extremely easier than Bootstrap.
  • GPU Acceleration — Foundation gives better animation support.
  • CLI — A handy tool to create Foundation projects on the go.

@josh Thanks - you pointed out some stuff people never mention!

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