Broadcast Episode #1 — Hashnode 101, CodePen AMA, WYSIWYG editors, and more…

Hi folks, welcome to the very first Hashnode’s video Broadcast. We hope to roll these out in an episodic fashion. 🎉

In this episode we talk about:

  • Hashnode 101 — how Hashnode helps you to connect with other Software Developers, and get better
  • CodePen’s upcoming AMA
  • A Hashnode Code Review Story
  • A small brief on how we built our CI/CD pipeline
  • Hashnode’s New WYSIWYG Editor
  • A New Feature — A gallery of the best Hashnode Stories

The links that have been referred to (or, related to what has been talked) in this episode, are given below, in the order that they appear in the video:

  1. Chaim Lando’s story — What I learned from 4 months of Digital Nomandng
  2. Tommy Hodgin’s response to — What’s life like as a full-time freelance programmer?
  3. AMA with the CodePen Team
  4. JavaScript Patterns — Wrangling Arrays like a boss with Array#Reduce
  5. Setting up a Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) Pipeline using Buddy at Hashnode
  6. Introducing the new rich-text editor — Writing better on Hashnode

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Comments (1)

Saurabh Mhatre's photo

The new broadcast feature really seems promising.

I had used react-rte which is a little known extension of facebook's draftjs in one of my recent projects so really exited to see another extension of same source project.Writing stories on hashnode required a little more efforts previously compared to medium but will give the new editor a try when I get time.

Btw lodash is some times a real life saver with really nice implementation of datastructures in js internally and well commented/maintained code and I have slowly shifted to using maps and sets introduced in es6 wherever possible.