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Cage Against the Machine

Gant Laborde's photo
Gant Laborde
·Oct 8, 2018

Machine Learning is doing crazy new things, finding sharks , creating faces , and more wild and useful examples. For instance, there’s a Machine Learning model that could identify who would steal the declaration of independence. That means some crazy person spent time training a model to identify Nic Cage. From installing beta software to learning how to properly train an image classification model. Who would do such a thing? Spoiler alert, it was me.

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 4.40.54 PM.png

While extremely useful, the Nic or Not app also has some interesting technology under the hood. Facial recognition will continue to advance and consequently more and more apps will have an interesting application of such. If you’re interested in the future of mobile and the fun of real-time facial recognition enjoy the story of creating the ‘Nic or Not’ App in React Native .