World's two most popular frameworks are coming up with their next version. Which one looks more exciting to you and why?

Official Announcements :

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Foundation 6


Bootstrap 4


I won't upgrade to any.


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I am a hardcore fan of Foundation and I am really excited to use the new Foundation 6. Some of the few things that excites me are following —

  1. New Foundation CLI with very less dependencies. This will really help beginners get started easily.
  2. Even better light theme. Though Foundation 5 already has a minimal theme it will be good to see even lighter theme. Hence, less CSS overrides.
  3. Building custom JavaScript components.
  4. Accessibility error detection as you code. — This will be a lifesaver.

I am all pumped up after Foundation 6 announcement. I hope the first version comes out soon.

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I used foundation: it's a clean and customizable framework. They're just taking forever to release the new version.

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We're really excited for this new release. We learned a lot from releasing Foundation for Apps and applied those lessons to Foundation for Sites 6. The thing I'm most proud of as a member of the team, is how much awesome feedback from our community and many of the companies using Foundation went into making the next release even better for you all. We're going to be releasing an Alpha soon and will be looking for feedback. Hit me up at rafi at zurb .com if you're able to test it out and give feedback.


Foundation 6 is really awesome, Rafi. :) Have been using it in my new project.

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As much as I love Foundation, bootstrap is my new default because of its heavy use. There are a lot more tools, snippets, templates and error explained for bootstrap. I hope the BS3-4 migration will be a smoother compared to the last one.

In contrast to the poll above i would love to not upgrade, but i know that's not an option. So an upgrade is inevitable. Apparently the upgrades of these frameworks are mostly backward incompatible which is quite a drag if you maintain a lot of applications. But if i have to choose, it would probably be BS4.

What about Semantic UI ?

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Are they releasing a new version anytime soon?

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doing react js and css modules. keeping components independent from each other (mostly). using a big css framework requires to put css stuff globally. this adds constraints like implicitly requiring a specific css framework and version of it. this disallows to reuse components when someone already has a newer version in his project or even a very different framework. it's possible to use foundation or bootstrap, seeing that on github every now and then but it feels just wrong for pure components - at least in react js land.

We are very interested in this since where trying to decide how to go with styling React SPAs for large new project. Frameworks seem great because they bring so much (responsiveness, components, layout, etc) but we really like the modularity of CSS-Modules and are struggling to see how best to proceed. Denny do you suggest we just go with CSS-Modules and bring in components for everything we need (e.g. layout, widgets, responsiveness)? How do we maintain consistent theme? Sorry, if this question doesn't make sense - I am not an expert at CSS, React, etc.

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