Housework Todoer - build a frontend project for your portfolio

Hey folks! I'd like to share a small project that I and my partner created to help junior frontend developers looking for ways to showcase their skills and build a portfolio so they can get a job in the industry.

It is basically a project assignment through which you will build a frontend app (called "Housework Todoer") to help our (imaginary) friend Jack. We prepared a nice-looking design and a background story so we hope it should be enjoyable and interesting for you to build, while still providing enough challenges to display your skills to possible employers.

Home screen_ Jack (Parent) _ Default view_3x.png Housework Todoer's home screen

To finish the project, you need some skills in one of the major frameworks/libraries (React, Vue, Svelte, Angular, etc.), though it can be built without any of those, just with Vanilla JS (but keep in mind, employers usually expecting you to have knowledge of and experience in one of those technologies).

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