Jokes aside - What are the characteristics of a bad programmer?

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You are a bad programmer, if:

  • You are arrogant enough to reject your co-worker/developer's opinion
  • You are not a continuous learner
  • You are not open to negative feedback
  • You learn frameworks & tools and not techniques
  • You do not track time taken to develop anything
  • You have no idea about the project/feature requirement
  • You just like your own tech stack
  • You don't have the etiquette towards the open source contributors
  • You are not good at handling edge/corner cases, (you are a "This code works", person)
  • You always try to prove yourself right
  • You do not love your programming

I have to stop now. 😁

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Mark I'll be happy to admit if I'm proven wrong with more facts and data which I'm not aware of because I'll atleast I upgrade my knowledge there :-)

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I think it's similar to any other job out there - doesn't listen, doesn't learn, lazy, too accepting of bad practices, tries to work as little as possible, etc...


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1- You don't like beer. ;)

I prefer a bit of green instead ✌️😚💨

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  1. Proclaim your opinion is the best, period.
  2. Refuse to listen to other people's feedback.
  3. Build things that break fast and crash hard.
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I thought building things that fail fast was a positive thing in software, there's even a principle named after it :-)

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Forget about all technical parts. Seriously. You will be a bad programmer if you won't fit into your team's habits regardless if those are good or bad ones. Good programmer must be a team player. You cannot do your job technically right when your colleagues don't understand what da' f. you did.

Effectiveness is the key of any project. If you are very effective but your solutions always slows down the team because your code is hard to understand by others then you became a bad engineer.

I would summarize my opinion as you are a bad engineer if you had not find your ideal team yet.

In the reality it is still about the feelings. I can prove you are an excellent engineer and I also can prove you are a worst one I ever met.

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