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How CS-Cart Changing the eCommerce Market With Free Version Launch?

Carmella Blick's photo
Carmella Blick
·Jun 2, 2022·

4 min read

How CS-Cart Changing the eCommerce Market With Free Version Launch?

CS-Cart is an eCommerce platform to develop the eCommerce marketplace. It is famous for its turnkey software solution for eCommerce businesses.

CS-Cart development has a powerful impact on the eCommerce market for building the eCommerce website. It has contributed to the eCommerce market with its advanced features, complete shopping cart solution, and some CS-Cart extensions. It has a 0.09% market share of the eCommerce market.

CS-Cart has now launched its free version of the eCommerce solution. The completely free version is going to change the whole picture of eCommerce due to its economical solutions.

If we compare it with the other free eCommerce platforms, the new free version will comparatively be a good selection.

The main concern with this launch is the merchants will get the fully functional eCommerce store for free.

Features Available in Free Version

The new free version holds the features that make it as powerful as the paid versions. Let’s discuss the features available in the CS-Cart free version.

Management of website content

It has the attribute to manage the website content similar to the premium solutions.

Fully prepared storefront

The fully prepared storefront property defines the customer view as completely ready.

No Restrictions for Product and Category

The CS-Cart free version has no restrictions for products and categories. The admin can add unlimited products and create the categories as per the business need.

Product Import Flexibility

Like other CS-Cart premium solutions, it also provides the flexibility to import the products.

Numerous Product Filters

The store admin can create multiple filters for their products. There is no restriction to creating the product filter.

Supports Multiple Country

It supports the multiple country feature that allows the merchants to reach a large number of customers from different countries.

Out-of-Stock Notification

This feature adds the functionality to show the out-of-stock items. It displays the notification when the product is not in the stock in the store inventory.

Multiple Currency Support

The version supports multiple currencies across the globe. It is one of the crucial attributes of CS-Cart as it allows the shoppers to buy the items in their currencies.

Promotions and Advertisement

Promotion and advertisement are also possible in this version as it provides the functionality and tools for marketing and promotion.

Bonus and Reward Points

The customers will get reward points or bonuses for the purchase of the product. Although there must be certain criteria for the customers to earn these reward points.

Benefits of CS-Cart Free Version

CS-Cart has multiple advantages that make it that much more compatible with eCommerce development.

Cost-Effective Solutions

The key benefit that every business merchant want is the economical solution for their business. This CS-Cart version has various benefits for those who want to set up a new business at a low cost. Thus, it helps all types of merchants with a cost-effective solution.

Removing the Barriers

It will help the business merchants to compete in a similar environment. This version creates equal opportunity for all types of merchants. The CS-Cart development allows the merchants to build the eCommerce website like other big marketplaces.

The merchants can develop the marketplaces close to the other giant marketplaces as it comes up with similar features as the paid versions consist.

Easy and Secure

The version comes with an easy development process to build the website. CS-Cart development process is not only easy but also secure. Hence, the merchants get an easy and secure environment for development.

The benefits are not limited to the merchants, It is also easy to use by the customers.

No Geographical Boundaries

Every store merchant wants to expand their business in multiple countries so that they can earn more profit. It has a major benefit of doing business in multiple countries as it supports multi-currency and multiple countries.

How will it benefit the small merchants who are looking to adopt CS-Cart to develop their website?

The CS-Cart free version is advantageous for small merchants as it offers a low-cost setup along with secure and easy use.

The version has multiple features which the premium package consists. Thus the small businesses will equally get the benefits if they are going to adopt CS-Cart for their website development.

CS-Cart would be a wonderful choice with the complete package for the eCommerce website development. The merchants will get the fully functional eCommerce store for free.

Final Words

The launch of the free version will definitely increase the competition for other platforms. Although for more modern functionalities the merchants can take help from CS-Cart modules.