How popular do you expect Aurelia to become?

This is not the most popular frontend framework, but it looks really good. Do you think it will become popular?

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I think that Aurelia will be the most popular. I don't see many articles about Aurelia in news feed but many about Angular 2.

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The are so many frameworks out there. The audience for this is folks who are disaffected with Angular and for some crazy reason don't want to try out React...

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You can use React as the view engine of Aurelia. So it might be worth a look for React people too.

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Personally I do not think that Aurelia will become that popular. It is just another tool. There already is Angular and other similar frameworks, which essentially do the same thing and are way more established.

Frameworks, like Angular, jQuery, Underscore,... became so popular, because they added something completely new. Something which was missing from the framework landscape. Aurelia is just a deviation from another framework, created by one of the former core developers of said framework.

Also, as I noted in another post, their marketing is as bad as can be. I could not easily find out what to do with that framework. They just told me how "awesome" it would be. But for a developer, like me, functionality is a lot more important than hype and making positive feelings.