How to Add/Embed Facebook live stream in website without using third party service?

I want a panel in a website where I want to display the live stream by a facebook page. Now I tried many things but not working. I actually looked at the developer api by facebook but I think I am missing that or may be its not there. I really dont want to use third party service. Is there any way I can do this? It would be help as much if you share some code or links for that. Thank You

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Comments (3)

Gijo Varghese's photo

Looks like it's pretty easy. They've a good documentation for it. Check it

Aniketh Saha's photo

I think its not for live stream vedio. if so...can you please mention it where. I have read the docs multiple times but coudnt find any . May be I am missing something.

Gijo Varghese's photo

Your FB live video has a URL, right?