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How to go on an Internship hunt?  ๐ŸŽฏ

How to go on an Internship hunt? ๐ŸŽฏ

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Gaurav Tewari
ยทSep 26, 2021ยท

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Hello ๐Ÿ‘‹

Gaurav This side, I hope everything is fine, on your side, and if it is not fine, don't worry it would be : ) now this article is a note to myself, all other blogs on my website have been the same :), I recently joined Trell as an SDE intern and is was one of the major events in my developer journey. this one is a note all about what steps I have followed while internship hunting. I would be referring blog in the future while hunting for internships and jobs in my final year.

find your taste

firstly if you are looking for an intern you might be having some expectations from your role like you might want to work as a UX/UI designer, front-end developer, backend developer, there are many blogs out there written by these professionals what they do and what their daily work looks like. or maybe if you are quite interested in that field you can just contract someone who is in that field. so just have a clear glance of what work you would be doing if you get your dream intern/job :)

Explore that field,if you want to be a developer then, try I highly recommend you trying #100DayOfCode just code for 100days for 1-2 hours and build your fav. projects and at the end just post it on social media :) do tag me I would love to see what you have built.

See where are you standing?

let's say tomorrow you wore up with Aladdin's Ginnie in your hand and you ask for your dream intern role!! abbra-ka-dabra you got it . What next? do you know the basics of the tech stack, you would be working on? if not, don't panic you have a lot of time :)

Build yourself

now you know where you want to go, where you are standing just walk the distance :)

  • follow the people in your field .try to find out what they have done in past to reach there. you will get a rough idea by seeing their Github, LinkedIn, Twitter, blog. for example:- if you are looking for an intern for an end developer, search for people how have done intern /are intern at that place look at their portfolios, they would be knowing HTML, CSS, javaScript. might be having knowledge of a framework )
  • start learning the things you need to work on (you have seen the portfolio of people, who are working at the place you want to work, they are there because of their skills, so now it's your time to build those skills )
  • start writing blogs if you are writing blogs do share them with me I would love to read and promote them (use #Hashnode , my whole journey started with that), making projects on that field, and do share them on Social media. (it helps a lot, some recruiter might contract you or there might be a wellwisher who might share an opportunity. you never know what is next )

Never Stop

just keep working on keep building stuff, you will get there one day, work on your ideas, build small projects and never forget to open source them, deploy them (let's say I really liked your project idea but I want to see whether that project even work ? how well do you write the code ? )

start applying now

So, now you know the skills need for your dream job/intern what next ??? try applying for an opening .. lets you want to work as a front-end developer. go to sites like angel.co , Linkedin, even twitter helps. don't look for a stipend just apply, think of a stipend when your resume is getting shortlisted and you are able to clear the interview.

Just google out top startups of India (or your country) and try to add founders /co-founders, to your Linkedin / Twitter. startups are always hirings so keep an eye on that. not only that keep an idea on which tech startup recently raised funding. after raising funding surely they would be hiring for the tech team and do checkout for the careers page you would always find something there.

it's not a rejection, you have an experience now

some times you might be afraid of applying to a company because you are not prepared for that tech interview, don't be afraid just look at the risk-reward ratio. if you perform well interview you would be getting an intern but if fail you would have that experience of the interview which is much greater than reading an article or a blog about that interview.

I got rejected from various tech startups then I started practicing javascript and start making notes.(notes.gauravtewari.xyz)

Work on the gap in your knowledge

now if you are getting a chance to sit in an interview but are not able to crack it. do look at the gap in knowledge gaps you are having here. what are the questions you are not able to answer in that interview? what are the topics you are not confident about? do look for resources on that topic and write your own blogs and explaining those topics to your friends.

trust you wings :)

Well, sometimes you might not get the result you wanted, but still, you have something and a whole new journey to tell people about yourself. In those movements just try to believe in yourself, if you have written blogs just come back to them and give a read to them. just see how far you have come.

Hope this blog help you. you can comment down anything you need to ask.

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