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Have you had to deal with people being a butthole to you while you stream? If so, how have you handled it?

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Jenn I love this question so much, thanks for asking.

I have had some mild 'buttholes' for sure, but nothing too nasty so far which has been surprising. Most buttholes have one of three agendas on my stream:

  1. Expressing disdain that I'm writing JavaScript (lol)

  2. Expressing distain when I'm working on an older library that doesn't use ES2015+ syntax (even bigger lol)

  3. Taking a bit too much liberty in commenting on / complimenting my appearance

This normally occurs in the chat, so I can suspend or ban anyone who is being toxic or won't adhere to the rules (I have a code of conduct / chat rules folks need to agree to).

Sometimes people will make fake accounts with slurs in them and will follow my channel, which pops up a big banner on my stream. This is an advanced trolling technique and quite rare these days due to better moderation tools from Twitch. I've also made changes to my stream to ensure this isn't something they can exploit so easily.

Honestly the way I handle it is to have good people as moderators in my chat, to not hesitate in banning buttholes swiftly and without giving them attention, and to foster a loyal and compassionate community who will help govern good inclusivity and positivity. My community of viewers are wonderful and I am so thankful that they help me keep everything butthole free 99% of the time.