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What motivated you to start teaching LIVE on twitch? Your videos are very useful. Thank you. πŸ™ƒ

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Thank you! I cover this a little bit in my article here http://bit.ly/2nEHvnq

Essentially, I wanted people to feel less intimidated about open source, and also hardware / electronics. I wanted people to see that open source maintainers are just regular people who often sit at home hacking away at bug fixes.

I also missed teaching a lot. I used to teach programming in a technical school many many years ago. I would 'live code' on my screen plugged into a projector, and the class had to follow along line by line as I explained how the code was going to work. I would ask questions to the class to see if they were catching on, and would also field questions from them. It was a very interactive approach to teaching and I felt it resonated with a lot of the students.

I think my live coding streams borrow a lot of that teaching experience from my former years. Now that I'm not working with junior developers as much as I used to on product teams, it helps me retain my communication and critical thinking skills.