I'm John Lindquist. Joel Hooks and I started egghead.io. AMA!

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Hi John! Thank you for the AMA! I wanted to know

  • How do you map out the topics or the syllabus for your courses?
  • What is your process of writing posts?
  • Your Pro-tip to become a successful content creator?
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Hi Subha, great questions!

  • We're currently re-working this entire process based on the concepts of Understanding by Design. We're starting with an internal group at egghead with a few instructors to go as a group through a new process to set this all up. Our goal is to go from "publish what we want" to "research needs and provide materials that lead to maximum success for the subscribers". We've tradionally allowed instructors to publish lessons based on whatever they're using at work, but we'd like to make our content even better for the community and we know we need to do the eductional research to get there.

  • For blog posts, I stick to a general "share what I've learned" formula. Sometimes that comes from research someone else's questions. Sometimes it comes from whatever I'm working on.

  • Create content ;) But seriously, we have a guide up at howtoegghead.com that walks through our process for creating content.

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Thank you John ๐Ÿ˜Š