I'm John Lindquist. Joel Hooks and I started egghead.io. AMA!

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do you think you could start egghead.io today and it would be as successful as its become?

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John Lindquist

John - I guess I saw it as, if someone launched Egghead today would it be more challenging due to the scale of the competition? Or does 2020 and all it has brought present a great opportunity for people looking to launch in this kind of area?

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Benjamin Miller

The thing is, we're not "competing" with anyone. We're 100% bootstrapped and have always been playing a long game. We're just doing the best we can with the resources we have and the people we're connected to.

Our success is measured in "Can I wake up each morning and do what I want?" I believe we could replicate that success with the processes and values of egghead today.