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What advice would you offer to developers who don't have a personal blog yet? How important is owning your content in comparison to giving away your articles to platforms like Medium?

Note: Articles published on Hashnode live on authors' personal domains via our Devblog initiative.

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Hi Sandeep,

It depends on your goals. Do you want people to refer to your content as "Sandeep's content" or "Medium's content"? When people find a cool post on Medium, they tell their co-workers: "Hey, did you see that cool article on Medium about XYZ?" When people find a cool post on Sandeep Panda's blog, they tell their co-workers: "Hey, did you see that cool article on Sandeep's blog?" Especially with what Medium has done recently with annoying popups and the paywall, I wouldn't touch Medium with a 9 foot poll. In fact, even when I was publishing there, the only reason I did it was because I didn't want to take the time to build my blogging platform at the time, but Medium allowed me to create my blog on Medium under my own domain (so I owned the URL). I never would have done it otherwise. And now, because I owned the domain, I can redirect all my posts to where they are now, meaning I don't lose all that social juice I worked for. (Watch me work on that). Good luck!