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Hi Kent,

Imagine you have the following two job offers with 2 years of Backend experience, which one would you choose? And why?

Offer 1: High pay scale, great office, excellent employee benefits, MNC, not sure about the work challenges and projects.

Offer 2: Pay scale less than expected, challenging startup, few employees, and interesting projects.

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Improving the world with quality software · Husband, Father, Latter-day Saint, Teacher, OSS, GDE · http://testingjavascript.com @eggheadio

Hi Farhana,

I think this is a really personal question. I know that I would personally choose offer 2, but that's because I enjoy the challenge and interesting projects more. Something that might help you a lot is this conversation I had with Cassidy Williams on my podcast: Establishing Your Personal Brand - with Cassidy Williams

Good luck!

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Beginner for life

Thanks Kent. I will listen to the podcast very soon. :)