IOS Push Notification Not Received Using (FCM) in Device in React Native (0.62.0)

I'm working in react native (0.62.0). I'm stuck in React Native Push Notification (Using FCM).

Here are the steps i'm doing.

Get a Device Token from FCM. (npm install react-native-firebase) using this plugin.

import firebase from "react-native-firebase";

async getToken() {

let fcmToken = await AsyncStorage.getItem('fcmToken');  
if (!fcmToken) {
  fcmToken = await firebase.messaging().getToken();
  console.log('FCM Token', 'fcmToken');
  if (fcmToken) {
    // user has a device token
    await AsyncStorage.setItem('fcmToken', fcmToken);


IOS Device is not Receiving Push Notification.

Here Is Plugin: react-native-push-notification


I have Created All the Certification required for push notification App

Bundle id Push Notification (Development , Production Certificate, Auth Key).

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