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Must Read Developer Articles on Hashnode - #6

Must Read Developer Articles on Hashnode - #6

Syed Fazle Rahman's photo
Syed Fazle Rahman
·Aug 17, 2020·

6 min read

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In this article, I highlight 16 must-read articles published on Hashnode powered blogs last week by the Dev Bloggers.

How to make your first CSS art

Many people know how to use CSS to style websites, but when it comes to CSS artwork, they get confused about how they are made. In this article, Laasri Nadia explains all you need to know to make your own CSS art🚀.

Impostor Syndrome - A Developer's Best Friend

The impostor syndrome is a developer's best friend when appropriately managed. It is more prominent in software development due to the large volume of knowledge you need to possess, and the constant changing of tools and programming languages. It is impossible to get rid of the impostor syndrome but managing it is possible. Learn more about the possibilities of managing imposter syndrome in this article by Catalin Pit.

Building a Realtime Photoshop 🎨

One of the best ways to learn how to code is by building projects. If you want to learn about CSS filters and variables while building a realtime Photoshop🎨, then read this amazing article by Daily Dev Tips.

Deploy React Apps on Github Pages

Rana Emad has published different articles on how to build React apps. In this article, she shares how to deploy React applications on GitHub pages.

10 useful HTML5 features, you may not be using

HTML5 is not a new thing. We have been using several features of it since the initial release in 2008. As part of Tapas Adhikary #100DaysOfCode initiative, he took a close look at the HTML5 feature list again and he found 10 useful HTML5 features you may not be using.

Multitasking Is A Myth. Here's why

When was the last time you multitasked and felt productive but a little tensed? Always? There is a reason why that happens. In this article, Mohd Shad Mirza shares his personal views on multitasking.

Trying out Vim

Vim is a highly configurable text editor built to make creating and changing any kind of text very efficiently. Shah Nawaz Shuvo shared all the basic commands and usage of Vim for an absolute beginner in this article.

Flexbox Overview

The Flexible Box Layout Module makes it easier to design a flexible responsive layout structure without using float or positioning. In this article, Alyssa Holland explains how to use Flexbox to layout, align, and distribute space among items in a container.

5 tips for getting involved in open-source projects on GitHub

Being part of an open-source project can help you professionally in diverse ways. In this article, Michael Fasani shared 5 tips for getting involved in open source projects on GitHub.

1 Simple Trick to Boost Performance Using Reduce

Have you ever realised that using a map followed by a filter, or vice versa, is quite common? Did you know that you could reduce the computation time needed if you just used a reduce instead? Find out more about how to boost performance using reduce in this article by Ali Issaee.

Dear HR, Software Development Interviews are Broken

Avneesh Sharma has been on both sides of the table 100+ times and anecdotally, he has never seen any correlation between a good interview performance with the job performance. He strongly believes that the data structure and algorithm problems asked in the interviews have nothing to do with the actual skills needed for the job. Indeed, the software development interviews might actually be broken - get more details in the article.

Best Resources To Learn JavaScript As A Beginner

There are countless resources to learn JavaScript, and that is both a bad and a good thing. The good thing is that we have many options to choose from. However, the bad thing is that we do not know which resource is the best. In this article, Catalin Pit shares a list of the best resources to learn JavaScript as a beginner.

How I Created a Python Meme Bot for Instagram?

Hrithwik Bharadwaj spends most of his time on Instagram because of memes😅. His love for looking at memes Instagram motivated him to create a meme bot for Instagram with Python. He was kind enough to share the entire process in this article.

Dark Theme in your website with one line of Js Code

In the present context, Dark Theme is like a vital thing for any website. Anjal Binayak discovered that you can add a dark theme to your website with just one line of code. Interesting right? You can learn how to implement the dark theme on your website in this article.

The JavaScript Call Stack & Event Loop Simplified

One of the JavaScript concepts that most learners skip when studying the language is how JavaScript runs code on a single thread, and how it handles asynchronous tasks. By understanding the Call Stack and Event Loop, you'll learn how tasks are handled by the JavaScript engine, and hence, start writing non-blocking code. In this article, Gyen Abubakar simplifies the JavaScript Call Stack and Event Loop.

Resources for Frontend Developers

Resources are extremely important for a programmer since they can greatly improve productivity while coding. Jatin Rao collated and shared a list of useful resources for Frontend developers in this article.

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