Number guessing game in VanillaJS

Before I begin, I would like to mention that I get easily distracted.

You can play the game by visiting the below link.

The guessing game is just remake or to be specific it is redesign of older version of game at Mozilla Developer Network. Which look like as below image.


I wanted to learn OOPJS for a project, countryInfo. Started looking for resources online, learned MDN is best source to learn.

Opened MDN page. Found Prerequisites section. Visited first step link, Skipped What is javascript section.


Visited "A first splash into JavaScript", Was about to start reading the docs. Saw the game heading 🤩. D I S T R A C T E D!


Played for a while. Thought to remix. Worked straight 8 hours to build the app (or webpages). Created wire-frames. Added Spectre-css & JQuery in the project.

Finally, the app was ready, or I thought it was ready. Pushed to Github, then to showcase, chose netlify for hosting.


Now, It was the time to do what I was there suppose to. To learn OOPJS.

Please share your critique, suggestion & bug report in the comment below. Thank You for reading! 🎉

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