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๐Ÿ“ข Quick Announcement: AMAs are now normal discussions!

Sandeep Panda's photo
Sandeep Panda
ยทJan 23, 2019

Hi Hashnoders,

Traditionally we have hosted all of our past 74 AMAs in special AMA threads. As a result they used to lack some features and functionalities of normal Hashnode posts. For example, AMAs didn't have reactions feature, no upvotes to answers, answer permalinks and so on.

As we are ramping up the number of AMAs to be done in 2019, we thought it might be a good idea to treat AMAs as normal discussion threads. This way it is much easier to schedule, host and manage AMAs. So, this Monday we took the leap, deployed the new discussion-based AMAs and migrated old ones to the new system. As a result you can see the new AMAs in your feeds, hot discussions widget and various other places just as you see normal discussions.

Here is how the new system works:

  • The AMA host creates a discussion thread.
  • The thread appears in various feeds and in upcoming AMAs widget.
  • To ask a question just go to the post and put your question in a comment.
  • To subscribe and get updates when new questions are asked, just follow the AMA.
  • When the AMA host answers your question, you will get a notification and an email as usual.
  • When the AMA goes live, we'll pin it to everyone's feed for more visibility.
  • The host is going to answer all your questions asynchronously for next 24 hours.
  • Unlike old ones, the new AMAs aren't going to be closed. They will run infinitely and if the host wants, they can continue answering new questions even after the AMA is over.

We think the new AMAs are much simpler and easy to use for both users and hosts. Let us know how we can improve it!

By the way, we have two awesome upcoming AMAs:

To see all past AMAs and upcoming ones, visit /AMAs from sidebar.