Role of Influencer Marketing Platforms in the Future of Online Marketing

Influencer marketing platforms are not new but where are they going? Here are a few points that analyse what the future of influencer marketing looks like.

It comes as no surprise that online marketing strategy is now becoming a top priority of every marketer’s portfolio. More than 56% of the world is online and brands are reaching global customers through digital marketing. Influencer marketing is one such strategy that acquires a significant portion of the overall online marketing efforts.

In December 2018, the influencer marketing platform ACTIVATE conducted a research which showed that 67% of the marketers believed that influencer marketing played a major role in maximizing their reach to the target audience. While there might be not as much hype about influencer marketing as it was in 2016, it is still a go-to strategy for brands to increase their conversion rate. Almost within a year, influencer marketing platforms came into action to serve the growing needs of the brands and the rapidly multiplying influencers.

The Future of Influencer Marketing Platforms

In 2019, there are more influencers than there are brands. So brands can dictate the terms of working with influencers. This was not the case when influencer marketing software didn’t have any popularity. With their advent, brands can now search a database of millions of influencers and select the ones that match their criteria.

  • Intelligent Technology

With the help of technology, brands can now take analytical decisions on their influencer marketing efforts. They have access to a huge database of influencers and a pool of information. Intelligent technology will be in action to enable brands to automate the management of their campaigns and influencers. The posts can be automated, brands can measure the exact progress of campaigns, and provide better assistance to influencers.

  • No More Fake Influencers

When intelligent technology comes into action, it would be easier to analyse the social media account of influencers. According to the NY Times, there are 15% bot accounts on Twitter. Brands will be able to, therefore, verify which influencers have real and which have a fake following. It will only take seconds and the information will be present on the platform’s dashboard.

  • Increased reach with micro-influencers

In recent times, recruiting micro-influencers ( around 50,000 followers) has gained more popularity than celebrity influencers and it is only going to rise. Brands understand that micro-influencers have much better chances of reaching their target audience then celebrities. This way, they can target the local audience because it can relate more to the micro-influencers.

  • Developing in-house capabilities

As brands get access to modern technology, they are switching from third parties and developing their influencer marketing potential. They recruit people to serve as brand ambassadors in exchange for a share in the profits. With influencer marketing platforms, brands can easily discover these influencers and utilize the in-house team for their influencer marketing efforts.

Influencer marketing platforms have evolved rapidly over the years. While once they were used as a tool to discover influencers, today they are utilized as intelligent platforms that perform detailed analyses and provide the exact result of the campaign. Influencers and creators are many but brands now dominate with the reins in their hands.

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