Show me where todayʼs software is made!

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Here is Hashnode's DEV corner. 😄

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'Nuff said.

NOTE: The most interesting thing about this office is that it used to be a bank. Right behind my head, past the bicycle, is what use to be the bank vault - which now happens to be our server room.

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We don't have an office, everyone works from home all the time unless we decide to all work from someone's home for a few days. If we do need an office for a day or two, we rent an office for a few days, but we've only done that for 3 days in 2017.

All company telephone numbers are routed to private cellphones, most calls are done via Skype and all internal communication via Slack.

Our "office" is completely virtual.

unless we decide to all work from someone's home for a few days.

FML. Cool idea.

/me planing robbery (or a party?) into teammates house

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This is where I work, a startup called MoEngage.

(We haven't removed our Christmas decorations yet, I know)

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I am poor guy without a garage, breakin' into houses, RVs, coworkings, cafes and also working in front of my small screen and waterfall which makes me calm everytime I wanna kill/fire everyone for the piece of crap they made or didn't made anything.

Same with my teammate.

So yeah, another broken remote team.

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