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Hey! Thanks for the AMA. What made you all join Netlify? I understand that Netlify is simple to use and just works. But what was that thing which resonated strongly when you were looking to join them?

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Developer Experience, Netlify

For me, it was a perfect fit. I'd been working at an agency and working with some pretty complex and restrictive infrastructure stacks with very large clients, and had become increasingly convinced that hosting sites statically could be a real advantage. After 2 or 3 years of talking about that at conferences, I found myself mentioning Bitballon (which would later become Netlify), amongst other services, a lot.

As Netlify grew, the number of tools and the apparent elegance and power of the platform really made it invaluable for me, and I also got to know the team. I became a fan of the product, and of the people.

In the end, it became really clear to me that I was really well aligned with the vision and mission of the Netlify team. And the clincher for me was in discovering what a healthy and diverse culture Netlify seemed to have built and valued. It made it a very desirable company to want to join and I feel rather lucky to have been given the opportunity to turm my passion into my day job.