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Hi Sarah,

What's your advice for beginner developers trying to get into big companies like Netlify? How should they prepare for the interview? Who should they approach? What's the best medium according to you to get in touch with the recruiters?

In my experience, the biggest hurdle beginner developers face is "getting in touch" with the right recruiters. How do we hack this process?

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Hey Farhana! Thanks for stopping by!

Our Head of Product Engineering actually wrote a really great post about interviewing at companies like ours! It's a great resource: css-tricks.com/interviewing-for-a-technical..

I don't really think you need to go through recruiters to get a job- there are tons of job posting boards or if you're interested in a job at a particular company, most have a careers page. Here's ours: netlify.com/careers

If you're just starting out without any experience, you might look into doing an internship- there are a lot of companies that do paid internships where a good percentage are offered full time positions after. I used to work at Zillow/Trulia and we did that there. The nice thing about an internship if you're starting out is that people expect that they will train you a bit more on the job, so you can enter that relationship knowing you'll get some guidance :) (Some full-time jobs will not provide that)

Hope that helps!