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Hey all 👋

Thanks for the AMA!

I was wondering if you could share what your average day at work looks like and give us some organizational tips and tricks?

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Developer Advocate

I love questions about productivity and organizational hacks! Especially since talking about this means I now have to be kept accountable 🙈

Organization for my day usually starts at the top of the week, since it lets me set an intention and goals that I want to accomplish. On our team, we all fill out a form noting everything we worked on last week, and the things we're planning to work on that week as well as any challenges that stand in our way. This form submission gets emailed to everyone on the team, so we're all kept in sync.

As for day to day tasks, I try to note everything I want to do on todoist when I start my day. It's so easy to lose track of time when I don't do this, because I tend to jump on things willy nilly if I don't have a specific goal set for myself. I additionally try to be intentional with my time by using a pomodoro timer app of sorts called Forest, it builds a cute tree for every block of time you focus!

Also, I'm more of a morning person, so I do heavy, time/labor intensive tasks at the start of my day; it's a productivity hack known as "Eating the Frog", if you're into productivity hacks :)

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Developer Experience, Netlify

For me a typical day starts with some correspondence catch up. Since I'm based in the UK and most of my colleagues are in the US, they have been busy working and talking while I was asleep. So I like to try to catch up on what was going in email and on slack while I start my day and slurp my coffee.

I also spend some time seeing what has been grabbing people's attention on twitter (which is usually rather delightful as people using Netlify often seem enthusiastic or full of valuable ideas).

Then I dip in to community.netlify.com where there is also often some useful conversation or some people I might be able to help out.

Most of this is possible because of the head start I have on the day. As the US wake up, my time gets to be more in demand so I try and get my head down on some writing or technical exploration before people get up if I can.

When the US is awake I'm more likely to have some project meetings, 1:1s or team catch ups. As a distributed company (50% remote, 50% in SF) we're mindful of making connections between people even when they are remote. So we put some effort into that too.

Another big part of my job is attending or speaking at conferences. This often involves travel which, while I love it, does eat up time and quickly make everything I've written so far in this answer a work of fiction. then it can be a scramble.

Divya mentioned our weekly team planning, but beyond that, I use Things to help me list and prioritise the things I personally want to achieve that day. It helps me to get the list out of my head and onto a screen somewhere. And it gives me the chance to gleefully check things off.