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Hey Folks, Thanks for the AMA ๐Ÿ™

I was curious to know how you folks pick up a new skill, Can you go into the details of your learning process.

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This is a great question! Picking up new skills is so important for developers because the landscape shifts so quickly. A while back, a lot of people asked me this question so I wrote an article about it: css-tricks.com/learning-to-learn

The tl;dr is:

  • try to identify holes in your knowledge- this can include looking through course structure online, or looking at API docs, etc
  • then write down and schedule all of those pieces so that you can devote some time to it, and mark things off little by little
  • I make sure I'm practicing the new things I'm learning- if I have to learn it for a job, great! That's baked in to the process, but if I'm just trying to level up, I might make a side project so I learn it.
  • Making something I enjoy really helps me learn because I'm more incentivized to do it
  • I also pay attention to how I'm learning, that I'm doing what works for me

Hope that helps!

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Software Engineer & Ruby on Rails Developer

Great method. Sarah Drasner Thanks for sharing :)