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The team behind NetlifyCMS is already doing a great job building the self-hosted version, but do you have any plans to create a Netlify CMS which can be directly accessed from netlify.com

For example: https://app.netlify.com/sites/<sitename>/cms

Just like ButterCMS or GraphCMS?

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dx @ netlify

response from Shawn from the Netlify CMS team:

We always planned on having some sort of “managed” Netlify CMS offering, but we never quite figured out how to crack it. Mostly because there really isn’t anything to manage - the closest model is stackbit, and they’re really just generating a starter template for you. But any discussion of us actually hosting it rather than it being a page in your repo and on your site was always shut down, as it inherently moves away from what Netlify CMS is designed to do - both exist in and store content in your repo. The final thing is we don't want to compete with Headless CMS services, who are our biggest partners.

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I see.

What you can do, instead of building a new managed CMS from scratch you can provide a manage CMS which will be same as self-hosted CMS only difference will be it will the hosting part.

All the functionality and configuration will be exactly the same so the users will be able to switch from self-hosted to managed.