What are some of the challenges you face while testing or learning an API?

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Raphael Chaula's photo

Building Graphql and Socket API using back end servers other than Expressjs, it challenges a lot.

Yashu Mittal's photo

Here are the three challenges.

  1. Learn, how to build APIs
  2. Build the APIs
  3. Test the APIs
Wei Lun's photo

maintain the docs

jonathan merchant's photo

Web-developer & Blogger

implementation of API and Compatability

Hipkiss's photo

The documentation......

Siddharth Vishvanath (Sid)'s photo

I normally find API very confusing. But lately I have been researching about API and read a lot of articles about different implementations. I have also tried out public API in postman. Most API are free but some require a auth parameters. I am trying to understand everything about API because that is a vital part of everything. I find difficulty with understanding pagination with API. I find myself lost when I need to explain API to somebody who doesn't know. I also find difficulty in knowing the pros and cons of REST API against GraphQL.

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Web Developer & Consultant

The doc

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