What is the right way to create a redundancy/backup server and getting it to work when needed.

Recently I had a problem with my server where all my files got deleted due to quarantining for a virus attack. Since I had local backups I had to upload all of them again to get a few of my eCommerce pages and normal static websites.

But this made me wonder how to keep a duplicate/redundant server and switch the traffic to that server when something like this happens.

But another problem is not all my applications or sites are static and only files, there are databases as well, so I am not sure how to sync them, if its only files I think I can manage it to be upto date by pushing to both servers from code repository.

I am not used to servers and maintaining them just learning the shipping, continuous integration and stuff.

Currently I am using inmotion hosting for server hosting purposes. I am ok to use other server providers to host the backup server.

So my questions are

  1. How to keep a backup server, best practices to syncup and maintain.
  2. How to switch traffic automatically? any domain level changes?
  3. How to sync up database between 2 server database.


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